Q&A with Hans Zimmer

Q&A with Hans Zimmer

Aug 13, 2019

Our director Christoph Scholz spoke with Hans Zimmer about Xperiments, which is perhaps the most striking film album of the summer. It features previously unreleased suites and themes written for the X-Men movie Dark Phoenix.

CS: The Dark Phoenix storyline was controversial when it came out in Marvel Comics in the 1980s, because some thought a hero could not become that dark. How much research do you do into a comic book storyline before composing? Or do you watch only the current film version of the story?
HZ: I knew the comic book, the story. And long conversations with Simon, our writer/director.

CS: Do you read comics? If so, which character do you most relate to?
HZ: Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight” is pretty relatable, but any art done by Barry Windsor-Smith or Bernie Wrightson got me through my teenage years. ‘Moebius’ - Jean Giraud became a favourite, and then Art Spiegelman elevated it all...

CS: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
HZ: Deliver a piece of music on time!

CS: Marvel has rarely attempted to create characters with "musical" super-powers, (Dazzler being the most well-known) mostly I imagine because comics have no soundtracks. Do you think a comic could come with a soundtrack?
HZ: Absolutely!

CS: How did this album come about? Did fans demand it?
HZ: It was really because we truly had so many experiments left. The film had changed so much, but our core ideas had not... so it seemed like a fun idea to unleash those little bits of anarchy. Plus, so loved and really wanted to show off the amazing work of people like Loire Cotler, Suzanne Waters (she sang once 11 hours straight...). Guthrie Govan, Tina Guo, Andy Page and Nico Abondolo absolutely shine.

CS: How was the process with your collaborators?
HZ: Let everyone invent, add ideas to each other’s work - be a band.

CS: What can fans look forward to on this special release?
HZ: It’s basically a diary of ideas and seeing how they developed over time.

Xperiments is available here

Christoph Scholz is the Director of SC Exhibitions and Executive Producer of "The World of Hans Zimmer" and "Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes".

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