‘Instagramification’ of exhibitions

‘Instagramification’ of exhibitions

Aug 09, 2019

In a recent interview with IQ Magazine, SC Exhibitions director Christoph Scholz discussed how the ‘experience economy’ is impacting exhibitions, and what our obsession with Instagram might mean for the touring exhibitions industry

The report was spearheaded by Derek Robertson, following the recent Touring Exhibitions Meeting hosted in Berlin. As he notes in the piece, the last 12 months have been an interesting period for the industry, however it’s not without its challenges. While touring exhibitions are booming, there are several issues that need to be addressed to assure its continuing success. One of the main questions facing producers is how to respond to the growing ‘experience economy’, which is seeing consumers demand ever-more involved shows and exhibitions.

As Abigail Bysshe, vice president of experiences and business development at The Franklin Institute, points out: “Customers are becoming much more savvy when it comes to experiences. They expect to be immersed in a story and entertained, so the content has to really engage the visitor and make them feel part of the experience.”

As well as this, the report notes, is our preoccupation with social media, which has led to the rise of exhibitions that serve mainly as ‘Instagram environments’. In the piece, Roberson questions whether this can detract from the content or if it’s all an inevitable part of our “hyper-connected reality”. Other issues explored in the feature include the importance of brand recognition and the power of well-known IP, why different countries expect different things from their exhibitions, and how producers are expanding into new, non-traditional subject areas.

You can read the entire piece, which includes insights from SC Exhibitions' Christoph Scholz alongside Encore Productions Pascal Bernardin, The Franklin Institute’s Abigail Bysshe, Sold Out’s Rafael Giménez and others.

"Exporting Creativity" | Link to IQ Magazine 

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