Welcome to the 6th edition of SHOWBIZ CULTURE, the annual arts, media and entertainment magazine for the creative community by SC Exhibitions. We call it the “Backstage Issue.” Our magazine is an annual publication for our friends & family, our fans, our artistic collaborators and business partners from across the globe. Here on our website you can flip through a PDF version and read a selection of articles, but the print magazine will bring you more joy. You can order it here – it’s free. 

In this issue of SHOWBIZ CULTURE, we celebrate the people who make the business of museums, music, art, theatre and commerce so enthralling. We have the privilege and pleasure of working in this fascinating world of concerts, festivals and exhibitions, so we invite you behind the scenes of some of our own projects, as well as a few other projects and businesses we find interesting.  

We met composer Hans Zimmer in Barcelona. In Berlin we interviewed Udo Kittelmann, director of the Nationalgalerie. Adam Hale, the artist behind the highly popular Instagram page @the.daily.splice designed this year’s cover artwork. Our writers Emma TuckerKatie Bain and Susan Karlin report from Bleeding Fingers MusicProp Store and the Museum of London. And we write about a long-forgotten project of the creative father of Marvel’s universe of  super heroes, the late Stan Lee.

Save the date: The 7th edition of SHOWBIZ CULTURE will launch in 2020 at our new conference TEEM – The Economy Experience Meeting – which takes place in Downtown LA. 

Showbiz Culture

Cover artwork by the man behind @the.daily.splice, collage artist and animator Adam Hale who has also contributed to our project “Inspired by Lascaux.” 
“My aim was to capture the energy and aesthetic of multiple shows in one cohesive design. The overall layout remains ambiguous and open to interpretation by the viewer but I wanted to convey a sense of freedom and celebration within the artwork.”


Backstage at the museums 

Backstage at the businesses

Backstage with the creatives­

Backstage on tour

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