LASCAUX – Visual Worlds of the Ice Age

The exhibition “Lascaux – Visual Worlds of the Ice Age” invited children and adults alike to dive into a long-vanished primeval world.


The highlight: part of the cave has been reconstructed exactly by means of detailed 3D laser scans, offering visitors a virtually authentic experience of the caves. The mysterious gallery is only dimly lit, to give the feeling of being on a torchlit tour through the caves. Artists of the Atelier des Fac Similes du Périgord (AFSP) who are professional painters graduated from the Académie des Beaux-Art have used authentic natural pigments, just like those used by the artists of the Ice Age, to reproduce the cave art. As they pass through the cave, visitors will meet a Stone Age family living as they may have done at the time the Lascaux art was being created. Later in the exhibition, videos and interactive media stations explain how Paleolithic people lived, and how their works of art were made.

This exhibition was created and produced by The Departemental Council of Dordogne, with support provided by the Regional Council of New Aquitaine, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and the European Union. It’s world toured by the SPL “Lascaux, exposition internationale”.

Tour history

April 17 – September 08, 2019
Kleine Olympiahalle, München


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